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Tangled Threads

Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep A great addition to the Spider Assassin series.

I love the world Jennifer Estep created, a world where elementals, giants, dwarfs and vampires are living among humans openly. The dynamics, everything about it is great.

A new battle in the war between Gin and Mab is being fought. Mab, as usual, doesn’t fight for herself, she hired an assassin LeFleur, to kill Spider. As a bit of irony, LeFleur is also hired to kill Gin Blanco, a restaurant owner.

Gin is as great as ever, still a bit hesitant to admit her feeling to Owen, but a great assassin, and an extremely powerful elemental.

Her relationship with Owen really drew me in. Owen is a great guy who loves Gin and accepts her as she is, unlike some other people (like for instance Donovan Kaine).


5 stars.