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Vampire Mine

Vampire Mine - Kerrelyn Sparks Connor. In previous books he was so grumpy and withdrawn, I expected it to be the same in this book. I was pleasantly surprised by his gentleness with Marielle. Of course you would have to be really bad to be mean to an angel, but still. We do get an explanation for his behaviour and the events that made him the man (vampire) he is today. He is so sad and sees himself as unworthy, especially of an angel. Even though he tries no to care for Marielle, and hurts her with his actions, in the end he totally makes up for it.

Marielle - a fallen angel. She is so lost and confused in the begining by everything, from dressing and eating to well, sex. That parts had me chuckling while I was reading. Of course she is heartbroken, after all she isn't an angel anymore, her entire life changed dramatically after eons. Luckily, she has Connor to help her adjust.

Connor is definitely one of my favourite heroes from the series.

I've only recently read the series, and it seems to me that the newer books are a bit more serious (at least no vampire loses a fang and has to go to the dentinst :) ), but still as funny as ever. We finnaly get to see some more developments in the world of Vamps, and that makes me even more eager to see what happens next. I also like the way that the world contains not only vampires, but weres and now angels & demons. I would like to see more from Zach (an angel) and Dare (a demon).

We also see a lot of characters from the previous book. I usually like this, but it took me a while to remember everyone (after I checked summaries of the previous books). That's coming from someone who read books 5-9 in January.

4.5 stars

BTW, the next book Sexiest Vampire Alive is about Gregori, and the release date is September 27th 2011.