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Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf - Cynthia Eden Sarah King desperately needs help. She needs someone to protect her from hostile shifters and the lucky guy who ends up with the job - Lucas Simone, alpha of the LA pack (we met him in [b:Immortal Danger|6000096|Immortal Danger|Cynthia Eden|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51veG8lYtjL._SL75_.jpg|6174945]).

Lucas doesn't really want to get involved but something about Sarah leaves him with little choice. He is known as one of the most dangerous shifters, not only is he a wolf, the most psychotic race, but he became alpha at 16 when he managed to beat the wolf who killed his father 6 years ago. He is defined by his past - he finds it hard to trust anyone but his pack, and he has no desire to get involved with anyone.

Lucas is a terrific hero, I adored him. He's a shifter, dangerous, but can't resist his destined mate. Sarah so didn't deserve him.

Sarah is a woman with a lot of secrets. I hate that she wouldn't tell them to Lucas. Not only do they affect him, but I can't understand that she loved him she was actually willing to sacrifice herself, and was pretty sure he cared for her as well, but still wasn't willing to admit the truth.

So Sarah was annoying, but I couldn't give the book a lower rating because of Lucas, who was damn near perfect.

I want to read more about Lucas' pack. The way some things were left hanging I do expect to see a sequel to the book.


4.5 stars.