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Big Bad Beast

Big Bad Beast - Shelly Laurenston This is the book I've been waiting for quite some time. From the first time we saw Ric and Dee-Ann together I knew they were going to be mates, and I was right. *doing a happy dance*

Dee-Ann is great, a bit trigger happy, but still great. I love the way she talks to people, her bluntness, her crazy family...

Ric is incredibly patient, nice, a great cook, and strong & smart enough to be an alpha if he wanted to - all in all a perfect wolf. He knew what he wanted (in this case it was Dee-Ann), and he went after it.

A lot of characters from the previous books show up - Mich, Brandon, Sissy, Ronnie, Novikov and more. Lets not forger Teacup, known to the world as Blayne, she of the crazy projects (in this case Project Wolf-Wolf). We find out more about one of the Reed boys - Rory, maybe he will get a book soon.

One of the new(er) characters - Malone is great, and her "friendship" with Dee-Ann... :-)

I love Shelly Laurenston. Her books are funny and incredibly addictive.


5 stars