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The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron - Jennifer Ashley Ainsley Douglas can't believe it's happened again. Cameron Mackenzie caught her red-handed in his room. It's not like she doesn't have a good reason for going through his stuff. She's on an important retrieval mission for the queen. Of course, she can't admit that to him. And so their adventure begins.

Cameron has deep scars (not only physical, but emotional as well) from his hellish first marriage. The only good thing that came from it is his son Daniel. But now he has issues with trust (no wonder) and no matter how much he wants Ainsley, he can't trust her easily.

He is incredibly attracted to Ainsley. Has been since their last encounter six years ago. Something about her is different, he feels deeply when she's around.

Ainsley succumbed to a rake's advances once, and the consequences were bad, but now she's a widow with enough freedom to do what she wants, if she has the courage. And Cameron is what she wants.

I like Cameron, he is so dark and tortured. And his patience with horses is incredible. Unfortunately he is still no match for Ian. Ian totally steals the show when he's mentioned.

Ainsley is an okay heroine, although I had some trouble with liking her, sometimes I think that she pushes Cameron too hard, and leaving him (I know she was summoned by the queen) was bad. But in the end I did realize that it was necessary.

I'm even more curious about Hart and I can't wait for his book The Duke's Perfect Wife (I really need to stop reading teasers). Ainsley's brothers sound intriguing as well, especially Elliot (his story The Seduction of Elliot McBride). And after that we have Daniel in The Life and Love of Daniel Mackenzie).


4.5 stars