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Atlantis Betrayed (A Warriors of Poseidon Novel, Book 6)

Atlantis Betrayed (A Warriors of Poseidon Novel, Book 6) - Alyssa Day Lady Fiona Campbell has a dark secret: she is the famous thief the Scarlett Ninja. She managed to keep it a secret, but then she crossed paths with Christope, a mysterious and gorgeous man. And they want the same thing: Siren , a precious jewel. For Fiona it was just a job, for Christope it was more.

Christope is a warrior of Poseidon and he needs the Siren so that Atlantis can rise to the surface. But they aren't the only who want it. And before either of them could steal it, a vampire gets it. So they decide to join forces and get it.

I like Christope. He is honourabble, tortured by a traumatic event in his childhood, but still maintains his sense of humor. He is immediately attracted to Fiona and he doesn't even try to resist her.

I like the fact that the author didn't try to overwhelm us with the characters from the previous stories. They do appear, but even if you're like me and can't remember their stories, there are no undercurrents that can't be understood.

But one scene really bothered me. When Fiona and Christope go to the shapeshifter bar, the whole situation and the way they got out is a bit incomprehensible.

The entire mess was explained and straightened out by the end of the book. I wonder what will happen to Denal, though.


4 stars.