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The Welcome Home Garden Club: A Twilight, Texas Novel (Twilight, Texas Novels)

The Welcome Home Garden Club: A Twilight, Texas Novel (Twilight, Texas Novels) - Lori Wilde The hero Gideon is a solider who spent the last 8 years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is having problems with adapting to the normal life he desperately wants to live. He comes back home to Twilight for his father's funeral and is hit with two surprises. His father, the man who refused to admit that Gideon is his son, left him his ranch and 11 million dollars. And his high school sweetheart Caitlyn, has some news for him as well, he is a father to her 7 year old son Danny. What a welcome home, right?

Caitlyn, spent the last 8 years thinking that Gideon is dead, the blame for that lies squarely on her father's shoulders. She has made a life for herself in Twilight. She married the local florist, and was happy until her husband died. Now she has troubles, her husband left her debts, she is estranged from her father, and lets not forget she has to raise her son alone. Of course, with Gideon around, some stuff did get better, but on the other hand, the he only complicated things further.

The subplot with the attempts to scare & hurt Caitlyn & Gideon didn't work for me.

I like the way that they try to take their relationship slow.

It was a good book, but everything about it was just too something, to be really interesting. I can't say what precisely was wrong, but I had hard time finishing it. The best part of the book was definitely Gideon. :-)


3 stars