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For the Love of Family (Harlequin Super Romance)

For the Love of Family (Harlequin Super Romance) - Kathleen O'Brien The book opens with a masquerade party which our heroine, Belle crashes into. She is looking for her boyfriend and when she sees him with another woman is getting ready to leave. Then she meets Matt. They get along famously, but after our hero manages to fall asleep (too much alcohol), she leaves without telling him her name. The only thing left is a gaudy crystal earring. Sounds familiar anyone? :)

Nine years later, Belle desperately needs a job, and the only one she can find has 2 weak points :

1) It's in PR, but Belle is a writer and she thinks it's beneath her.
2) The boss - Matt. She recognizes him instantly, while he has no idea who she is. Being how she wore a wig and tons on make-up at the masquerade.

At the same time she is having troubles with her family. Her uncle is in hospital, her parent's marriage is falling apart (I just have to say this: her father, Sam, is a class A jerk), she recently turned down a proposal from a good guy. One thing that bother me about her is that she kept their first meeting a secret, especially when they started getting close.

Now, Matt. He is still haunted by his meeting with the mysterious Cleopatra. Since then, he kept dating gorgeous, but superficial women. Just as he decides to be celibate for a while he meets Belle, and is immensely attracted to her. I adore his family, his grandmother Lina, and his brothers Colby (I would really like to read his book) & Red.

It was a good story, and sweet one. After reading the first book in the series [b:A Daughter's Trust|6678988|A Daughter's Trust (Diamond Legacy, #1)|Tara Taylor Quinn|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348414973s/6678988.jpg|6874194], I desperately needed something lighter.


4 stars.