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Restless Billionaire (Bad Blood Collection)

Restless Billionaire (Bad Blood Collection) - Abby Green Third in the Bad Blood collection.

Aneesa is a Bollywood star, who left her groom at the altar he was gay and only wanted to marry her as a cover. Unknowingly she stumbles into Sebastian's room, and filled with fears of future and broken dreams, asks him to make love to her. After Sebastian leaves, she manages to put her life together, but then comes the big surprise, and her entire life is in ashes. She is disgraced, everyone seems to hate her, she disappointed her family. That was quite a shock after being the somewhat spoiled actress.

Sebastian has trouble accepting the baby, in the begining he more or less ignores the fact that it's the baby that brought Aneesa to him. That's understandable after his childhood. His father was a monster, his mother can't even remember that he exists and keeps calling him by his brother's name (Nathaniel from [b:The Tortured Rake|10790617|The Tortured Rake (Mills & Boon Special Releases - Bad Blood Collection)|Sarah Morgan|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51s9lU05WXL._SL75_.jpg|15702912]). And beneath it all there's a fear that he will become like his father, a mean and vicious drunk. But he still feels drawn to Aneesa, and does thaw a bit even before the separation.

Some of the good points are scenes with the Wolf siblings, especially Jacob, and Aneesa's family. It was a good book that pulled me in, but I'm not a big fan of Sebastian or even for that matter Aneesa, so...


3.5 stars.