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The Fearless Maverick (Bad Blood Collection)

The Fearless Maverick (Bad Blood Collection) - Robyn Grady Alex is a famous race car driver aiming for his third World Championship title, when he has an accident on the track. The doctors won't let him drive unless he gets an okay from a physio therapist. His answer to that: find a female that he could bribe/seduce into declaring him fit. That didn't go as planned. First Libby is not a kind of person accept bribes and won't do anything that could later on destroy his career. And next to that he starts to fall for her. Throughout the book he treats her wonderfully, especially when they first make love. But then in the end he manages to screw up masterfully. Twice. I know that he has issues from his childhood, but it still bothered me.

Libby knows what Alex is going through, she was a World Champion in surfing, when she had an accident that changed her life dramaticaly. The worst lesson she learned from that that some people, especially the men she was dating, won't stick to you if it gets tough. It takes time to start trusting Alex, but she couldn't resist him. When he more or less betrayed her she was suffering.

If nothing else, Alex did manage to patch thing up between him and his twin Anabelle. But because of the ending that I didn't like:


3.5 stars.