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Highest Price to Pay

Highest Price to Pay - Maisey Yates Ella had quite a nasty shock when Blaise Chevalier walked into her store and informed her that he now owns it. Luckily he wants to help her to improve her struggling business. She accepts his help (after all she really doesn't have a choice), but she knows she can't let herself fall for him. Of course making a decision and sticking to it are two different things.

Blaise made a mistake that included a woman and since then he didn't let himself care for anyone. He's more or less estranged from his family and the only thing that he cares about is his business. Of course, Ella is proving to be hard to resist.

Ever since the fire that scarred her and changed her life drastically Ella has been alone. She doesn't let people close, especially not men. She's insecure, but that's understandable. After the fire, the people who should have been there for her abandoned her. And now, when she's forced into proximity with the incredibly attractive Blaise everything is changing.

I love Blaise, he is patient and gentle and understanding. Of course, he resist his feelings, but he is never intentionally mean to Ella. And that's a miracle considering his not so good past with women.

I would've liked to see Blaise interact with his family. His childhood had a large impact on the man he became. As well as his indiscretion. A reconciliation would've been great.

I loved the setting - Paris. :-)


5 stars