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Second Time Lucky (Harlequin Blaze)

Second Time Lucky (Harlequin Blaze) - Debbi Rawlins Mia has just decided to change her life. She quit her job in a law firm, and decided to open a company with her 2 best friends. And as an icing on the cake thy left on a vacation to Hawaii, the place of an unforgettable spring break. It would've been even better if she could forget about her sexy boss, David, a man she had a crush on for quite some time. She resigned herself to never being with him, when she sees him at the hotel she's staying at.

David is desperate. The family company is in big trouble and he needs Mia to come back so that it can be saved. But, he's also attracted to Mia, and if she comes back then they couldn't be together. He has a choice to make.

The book was ok, nothing special. Their problems could've been solved much easier if they just talked to each other. And David, what did he expect - that Mia will just come back to work and never doubt his word that their relationship has nothing to do with it. Mia wasn't much better, she annoyed me a lot. I understand her initial reaction, but later on it became quite obvious that David has feelings for her.

And the identity of the mysterious client that demanded Mia was quite obvious to me.

I'm curious about what happened to Mia's friend and her boyfriend, though. Their book is Delicious Do-Over.


2.5 stars