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On The Move (Harlequin NASCAR)

On The Move (Harlequin NASCAR) - Pamela Britton Vicki really needs this job, not only to prove to her parents that she knows what's she doing, but not succeeding would mean getting fired and having to start all over again. So she is determined to change the image of Brandon Burke, a newcomer to the NASCAR world, a man who doesn't seem to care about what people say about him. Now Brandon isn't a popular person in the NASCAR world, as a matter of fact everyone hates him, and that doesn't help. But the worst thing is the attraction simmering between them.

Brandon has reasons for acting the way he does, good reasons and he can't let Vicki become close to him, for that would mean she learns his secrets and his shame. His childhood was truly horrendous, and he has the scars to prove it.

I like Brandon, he is a good guy doing his best to survive and protect himself. The way he slowly opens up to Vicki and begins to trust her is great. And he can admit that he was wrong. He does have problems accepting help, but that's understandable.

Vicki has chosen a path in her life that her parents don't approve and there's a strain in their relationship. I like that. And she's incredibly patient with Brandon, but she can fight with him when necessary.

I love the way Brandon proposed. :-)


4 stars