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The Other Sister

The Other Sister - Lynda Sandoval After a decade of avoiding everything that reminded him of Mick, Brody Austin decided to come back to Troublesome Gulch (pretty weird name for a town :-) ) to face his demons. On prom night eleven years ago, he and his best friend Michelle (who hated that name and answered to Mick) together with 3 other couples, were in a nasty accident. 4 of them died, Mick included. Brody never really forgave himself for "forcing" Mick to go and he's pretty sure Mick's family would blame him. Of course, he's wrong. Not only do Mick's parents think of him as a son, but there's Faith, the little sister, that makes him hope and feel.

Faith learned to deal with her sister's death, she's happy now. The only thing that's missing is a man with whom she could share her life with. And then, after a nasty fall, Brody comes along. There's just something about him that makes it hard to resist falling for him.

I like the story, there's no angst or drama, just two people who overcame the tragedy that shaped their lives and fell in love. Of course there are some issues, Brody's guilt being the main one.

The secondary characters are good, especially Herman (the old guy that sold his house to Brody) and Jason (a kid from an abusive home that Faith is trying to help).

I loved the way Brody proposed. :-)

The only scene that bothered me is the first time they made love, it was just weird that they talked about Mick, at least it was to me

And I hate the title - it's just wrong, and for me makes a negative impression - The Other Sister.


4 stars