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The Game of Love

The Game of Love - Jeanette Murray Chris St. James is looking for a fresh start. She left her pro tennis career along with the emotionally abusive boyfriend. She found a new job as a teacher and a tennis coach. But her first day at her new job didn't go as planned. First she found out that all the donation money automatically goes to the football team (which is totally not fair) and when she lost her temper and complained it kinda make her look bad in front of her colleagues. And then there's Brett Wallace - a pro athlete that coaches the football high school team.

Brett knows the score - football rakes in most of the money, so they should be the one to get the donation. Of course Chris disagrees, she still isn't aware of the way things are around here. She is persistent, though. And there's something about her that's really refreshing - she isn't awed by him, and is more than willing to stand up to him.

Chris is sick and tired of pro athletes - her ex is one, and after years of living with him and his ego, she wants nothing to do with pros. But Brett is nearly irresistible. And he does seem different.

Brett had some bad experience with women who were only attracted by the fact that he's a pro, so Chris, who considers his career a negative, is hard to resist. His family is close and loving and he wants that for himself and for the first time he can see the woman sharing his dream.

I liked Brett, he was patient and open to his feelings. He did have a few faults, mainly jumping to conclusions without any evidence, but mostly he was good. My problem is Chris.

Chris had a tougher childhood. Her parents were rather cold and didn't really care for her feelings as long as she was successful in her career. And Dax - the ex - didn't really help. She has some serious commitment issues. And she has hard time believing that Brett's feelings for her are real - so she hurts him.

There were a lot of misunderstandings and some of them could have been avoided if only they were more truthful to each other.

I love Brett's family, they are amazing. His brothers and their wives and especially his mother. :-)

All in all, a funny and decent read with a realistic relationship.


4 stars

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