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Arizona Heat (Men Made In America 2 Series, #3)

Arizona Heat (Men Made In America 2 Series, #3) - Jennifer Greene A nice book I truly enjoyed. And so unlike Silhouette Desire books these day it's laughable. No rich rancher/billionaire/CEO in sight. Just two ordinary people falling in love. I mean now they even demand their heroes to be the same. A snippet from Desire's submission guidlines:

The Desire hero should be powerful and wealthy — an alpha male with a sense of entitlement, and sometimes arrogance. While he may be harsh or direct, he is never physically cruel. Beneath his alpha exterior, he displays some vulnerability, and he is capable of being saved. It's up to the heroine to get him there. The Texan hero should own the ranch, not work on it, and the urban hero should be someone in charge, not a handyman.

Come on!!!

Kansas is a fun, quirky heroine. She may appear wimpy and weak, but she has a core of solid steel (when there are no crawling slimy things around). She came to Arizona to find her brother and she won't give up until she does. Unfortunately, she can't do it alone. Luckily for her, Pax has a white knight complex, totally can't say no. Not that she asks. :-)

Pax, as his name says loves peace, he definitely doesn't need a whirlwind like Kansas in his life. He learnt the hard way that he can't count on others, he doesn't need anyone. He takes more than he should on his shoulders, even in his relationship, he is always the strong one. But all the time he spends with Kansas makes him doubt his attitude.

I liked both of them, and I liked how they are together. The only tiny thing that wasn't right is the ending, I would have liked them to talk things out, it was just a bit too rushed.

I'm certainly impressed with Greene's writing. I'll definitely be reading more of her Silhouette books.


4.5 stars