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The Man Behind The Cop (Harlequin Super Romance)

The Man Behind The Cop (Harlequin Super Romance) - Janice Kay Johnson Karin Jorgenson is a psychologist who works primarily with abused women. To say that she has issues with trusting men is an understatement. Believing that there are some good men around is hard. But seeing an abused woman starting to trust herself, when she decides to escape makes up for it.

Bruce Walker is a big city cop. He's a homicide detective and the stuff he sees don't help him sleep. He's had a bad childhood, mainly because of his abusive father. Unfortunately, his mother never got the confidence needed to escape. His greatest fear is that he will become his old man. So he refuses to love anybody. When you don't care enough, you don't get angry and hit them.

I really liked the book. Both Karin and Bruce are awesome. True, Bruce has his issues, but with Karin's help he deals with them. Seeing him start to believe that just maybe he could break the abuse cycle is heartbreaking. He's so tough and strong, but so gentle and understanding with the women from the shelter is incredible.

And when he finally admits that he loves her... *sigh*

I liked the suspense part as well. But just a warning - both Karin and Bruce have "dark" jobs. That is to say, there are some pretty dark stuff in here, it's far from a lighthearted romance. Although, most book in the Superromance line are that way.

All in all, one of the better Superromance books I've read lately. On to finding some more. :-)


4.5 stars