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When Chocolate Is Not Enough

When Chocolate Is Not Enough - Nina Harrington If some of you remember my review of Sugar Rush, be forewarned: I went even more crazy this time. So prepare yourselves for massive amounts of chocolate. :D :D

Max Trevelyan is a cocoa beans grower and he desperately needs a chef to enter a contest that will make his plantation a roaring success.

Daisy Flynn is a chef who is doing everything in her power to make her dream of opening a chocolate shop come true.

She's not quite sure that Max is her best shot. After all he doesn't really inspire confidence. He's so joyful, eager and just plain happy that makes her feel a bit odd.

The way Daisy thought about him in the beginning made me smile:
Max was like a large, gorgeous puppy which bounded around the house full of beans, dragging goodness knew what onto the carpet, but no one could be angry with him because that was who he was. And there was no changing him.

So a beautiful partnership begins. Of course, Max did forget to mention some things - like they would have to make their chocolate from scratch.

It's an incredibly er, sweet book. I like both Daisy and Max a lot, and their romance is sweet as well.

So, I usually prefer grouchy, alpha to the core heroes, but Max is amazing. It's great to have a hero like him for a change. True, he does have his problems, but overall he's simply a happy person.

All in all, a good read.


4.5 stars

P.S. The last one, I swear... :D