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Breaking Point

Breaking Point - Pamela Clare I-Team is one of my favourite romantic suspense series and this book is a worthy addition to the series.

Natalie's life has definitely taken a sharp turn. While on a conference in Mexico she is kidnapped by members of a drug cartel. Luckily for her she has an ally in the prison - Zach. He is probably a criminal himself, but he is a good guy, a guy that could help her escape and take her home.

Zach is actually an U.S. Marshall whose assignment is to bust the before mentioned drug cartel, but he can't tell her that least he endanger her even more.

So the two of them set out toward American border. Along the way the danger doesn't come from the criminals alone, but from the powerful attraction that sparkles between them.

Natalie is afraid to love. She lost both her parent and her fiancée in hurricane Katrina and since then she didn't let herself get too attached to anyone, men especially.

On the other hand, Zach believes himself unworthy of love. He lost his teammates in an operation gone wrong, and he carries a lot of guilt with him. Not to mention that he suffers from PTSD as well.

I like both of them, and they didn't irritate me at all, which is a minor miracle.

We get to see more from the I-Team, past and present, and their spouses. They actually play a pretty big role in the second half of the book.

I actually teared up a time or two while reading the book. The scenes in the end when both Julian and Zach are wounded, and when Joaquin shows them pictures later... You can just feel the love (for the lack of a better word) are amazing and one of the best parts of the book, IMO.


5 stars.