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The Darkest Secret

The Darkest Secret - Gena Showalter This is officialy my favourite Lord of the Underwold book.

I looove Amun & Haidee.

Amun, the keeper of Secrets is on a fast track to madness after the events at the end of The Darkest Lie. His salvation comes from an unlikely source, Heidee, a Hunter who hates LotU passionately. He is so incredibly sweet & generous & selfless (I know, I know he's a big bad demon). Even when he had every reason to hate Heidee she was the Bait that cost Baden his head, he still didn't mistreat her.

Now, Heidee. She had a tough life. She is being reborn every time she dies and gets only to keep the bad memories, never the good ones. Her reasons for hating the Lords are heartbreaking. Yet even with the hate, when Amun needs her help to get rid off the demons in his head, she agrees to help him, even though that includes a trip to hell (literally).

We also get to see some more of Strider, William and Paris. It became pretty obvious who Strider's heroine is I just love harpies :-). And I do wish we could get Paris' story soon. The poor guy is suffering, and slowly loosing his mind.


5 stars.