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Navarro's Promise

Navarro's Promise - Lora Leigh Okay, this is definitely one of my favourite Breeds books.

Navarro has been bred for infiltration. That means he's really good at lying, deception and no emotions. For a long time he let it define him, the only one who could stir him was Mica. Now, Navarro is also different in something else, he has absolutely no desire for a mate. All of the Breeds in the previous books wanted one, if subconsciously. He tries to fight it, is even considering letting Mica go, of course the animal in him prevails.

Mica is a good friend to Cassie. She has grown up around Breeds and as a result she understands them way better than most humans, and Cassie did divulge some secrets about mating to her, so she did know what to expect. But one other thing she learned to do is to hide her emotions, and hide them well, so that even Breeds can't detect them. That's a definite plus when you're surrounded by Breeds. She has loved Navarro since she was 16, and didn't try really hard to resist him in the begining, of course, when he became pigheaded she did, but he so deserves it.

I like the fact that they weren't really sure that they were mates, it's more believable (after all one of my favourites in the series is Mercury's War). It's even more powerful when they have to fight hard for the mating.

On the one hand, I like the fact that the newer matings are different, the world is evolving, and the Breeds with it, but it's getting harder to follow. There are a lot of mention of the characters from the previous books. I have read the entire series twice, and I remember everyone, but if someone picked this book up first, they would have trouble sorting everybody out, not to mention the trying to piece together events. Like Who's Phillip Brandenmore, what happened to Ely to make her the way she is, what happened to Amber (Jonas' daughter)...

I wonder when's Ely going to get her story. She's been trough enough, although lately she is being annoying.

And as for the next book, the hero is Lawe (Lawe's Justice). Yay, finally we get his book. I wonder if Rule is next then?:-)


5 stars.