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Hunger Untamed

Hunger Untamed - Pamela Palmer Cougar spent the last millennium mourning for his lost mate - his Ariana. He closed himself off from emotions and lived a half-life for so long. And then he found out the truth. She is alive. The betrayal was unimaginable, the other half of his soul betrayed him, betrayed the love they shared. He might have just left her if Ariana wasn't needed to help save the Ferals that were trapped.

Ariana had her reasons for doing what she did. She had to protect not only herself, but her race and her mate as well. The last 1000 years were lonely for her as well, and throughout the years there was the hope that she will be able to be with Cougar again.

One of the reasons their love didn't withstand the pressure was that both of them held back. Cougar never shared his past, and Ariana never really admit that it bothered her. It didn't help that neither Ilinas nor the Ferals approved their mating.

I didn't like the bitterness that was a dominant feeling in both of them in the beginning. All that love from the past almost turned into hatred. The way that Ariana turned her back on their love when she should have fought, the way that Cougar treated her now, all those secrets between two people that are meant for each other.

And the plot was a bit confusing to me. I did read the previous book and I know how the warriors were captured and all, and that is not the problem. The problems are: the way that nobody could tell what memories were Ariana, and what the mage planted. And the worst all those years apart were for nothing, because even though the Ilinas were trying to find the mage, he was always a step ahead, leading them on a merry chase.

But I we do get to see more from Wolfe. I'm looking forward to reading his book.

It took me a long time to collect my thoughts about this book and actually write a review. I even changed the rating a few times.


3.5 stars.