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Come Hell or High Water

Come Hell or High Water - Michele Bardsley Phoebe is one of the single parents that was turned two years ago after Logan's spree. Since she is of family Durga her powers lie in fighting demons. Her life was normal, as much as the life of a vampire can be. But then she slept with Connor. Now, not only is she married to him, but he's a half demon who needs her help to save the world from demons.

Connor spent his entire life fighting to be good, trying to resist his demon side. Of course that doesn't stop everyone from assuming the worst of him. The prophecy wasn't the only reason he married Phoebe, the much important was the fact that he was told that Phoebe was going to love him.

Connor was great, I love heroes that are dark, tortured, but Phoebe was extremely irritating. She is selfish, stupid and incredibly annoying.

The plot itself didn't draw my attention, and too many things were happening at the same time. And the "big battle" was anticlimactic after all the drama leading up to it.


2.5 stars