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Cross Your Heart

Cross Your Heart - Michele Bardsley Much, much better than the previous book in the series.

Elizabeth doesn't believe in love. She married a man that was her social equal and he cheated on her all the time. On top of it they never had children. (Just something that confused me: wasn't the assumption that so many people survived the turning because they were single parents or something. I could be wrong, though.) And now there's a murderous ghost in her house and an extremely hot man who is trying to seduce her.

Tez, a jaguar shapeshifter, came to Broken Heart to "connect" with the local shapeshifters. He sure as hell didn't expect to find his mate here, and not to mention that she's a vampire.

I love Tez and the way he flirts and teases Elizabeth. Their entire relationship is great. Elizabeth, the cynic who still reads romance novels, can't resist Tez and his love.

We also find out more about the town itself, its history and the reason for the name. I like the way it was handled.

There wasn't some big bad villain who wanted to destroy the world, just a ghost from the past with a serious grudge. And a storyline that was easy to follow.


4.5 stars.