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Dragon Bound

Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison WOW!!!

Pia's made some bad choices lately and as a result she finds herself in a real bad situation. To protect her secret she has to steal something from one of the most dangerous member of the Elder races - Drago.

Drago is a being as old as time itself, an incredibly powerful dragon shape-shifter. He's really pissed off when he realizes that something was stolen from him, but he is intrigued by the thief. He knows as soon as he sees her that she's special.

I love the way he's so confused and unused to emotions, but he tries so hard to please her. Shape-shifter like that are definitely my favourite heroes (example: William from Bayou Moon)

Pia has spent the most of her life trying not to get too attached to anybody - a lesson her mother drummed in her. But there's Drago, a confusing and irresistible man-dragon who she can't help but fall for.

Drago's sentinel's are amazing as well - Rune, Graydon, Bayne, Christopher, Tiago and Tricks.

I can't wait for the next book to come out. It's about Tricks and Tiago - Storm's Heart.


5 stars.