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I Kissed an Earl

I Kissed an Earl - Julie Anne Long Violet is a debutante bored with her life. She wants to marry and have a family but she can't find the man she actually wants as a husband. And then she overhears Asher talking about the pirate The Cat and she is convinced that that is her brother who's been missing for a couple of years. So she decides to go with him and try to stop him from capturing her brother.

Asher, the newly minted Earl of Ardmay has one mission - find the Cat and capture him at any cost. He wants to use Violet as a bait, after all if Lyon (Violet's brother) is the pirate then he will be complled to save his sister. If only they didn't fall in love.

I love Asher and Violet as a couple. For once they aren't attracted from the beginning, they got to know each other first. And I love the way Violet defends him. :-) Their romance is great and a bit bittersweet because they know that one of them will have to betray the other.

I've been delaying reading this book for quite some time. I would start reading and then somewhere in the first chapter simply give up. I mostly blame the plot - I simply don't like romances that include ships (I can't even be on a ferry without being nauseous) or the fact that it is inevitable that the hero and heroine hurt each other, after all their goals are polar opposites. But I'm glad I actually decided to read it, because despite my misgivings I really liked the book.

And after this book and the revelations in it I'm even more eager for Lyon and Olivia's story.


4.5 stars.