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Savage Nature

Savage Nature  - Christine Feehan So far, my favourite book in the Leopard series.

Saria is a leopard unaware of her heritage. She knows that something is wrong in the bayou, afraid of everyone she asks for help Jake (the hero of Burning Wild). Jake sends Drake. Saria is immediately attracted to him, but incredibly confused by everything that is happening to her. The fact that there’s a serial killer after her doesn’t help.

The moment Drake sees Saria he is aware that she is his mate – a mate he’s been waiting for a long time. He’s here to find the killer and he needs Saria’s help.

Drake is a great guy, and unlike some of the heroes from the previous books, he doesn’t try to protect Saria by suffocating her. He acknowledges the fact that she is capable of protecting herself, and that she is better at navigating the swamp (no alpha male conviction that he knows better).

I also like Saria’s family, especially Remy (I hope he gets a book).

One weird part was when Saria first shifted – really, really weird.


4.5 stars