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Taste Me

Taste Me - Tamara Hogan The book started okay, but the second half was incredibly frustrating.

Our hero Lukas is an incubi that can sense emotions, good ones and really bad. Like emotions of murderer. Because of some probability that the murder is connected to the Council he is appointed as Scarlett's bodyguard.

Scarlett is a famous singer who is back home after a year long tour. She is exhausted and empty.

Lukas is supposed to be looking for a killer, but he spends most of his time lusting after Scarlett. And he misses the obvious things the murderer smells like ash, and then one of the people smells like an ashtray, he doesn't make the connection. Nobody even tries to figure out who had access to both murder sites, come on. And yes, when two bodies were discovered, and while on the way to the scene, Lukas&Scarlett stop for three hours in a hotel so that THEY COULD HAVE SEX.

Next Lukas managed to piss me off royally with his "I bruised her during sex, and even though she liked I have to stay away from her so that I could protect her from myself." He is also a colossally stupid martyr.

Scarlett is a bit better.

And yes, in the beginning I was bombarded with a lot of characters who were near to impossible to sort out even without the family collections.

The reason for the rather generous rating is the fact that I like the idea of an alien spaceship that contained vampires, weres, sirens, crashed to Earth and that's the way they came to existence. Some of the supporting characters are good, like Bailey, Jack, but everything else is a mess.


1.5 stars.