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Only Yours

Only Yours - Susan Mallery Montana Hendrix has finally found her dream job - working with therapy dogs. Working with them is everything she ever wanted, so when she looses control of one of the dogs, and the said dog runs into a hospital wreaking havoc, she doesn't need Dr. Simon Bradley yelling at her to feel bad.

Simon has a good reason to be furious - a dog in a burn unit where a lot of patients can't be exposed to germs is bad. Granted, it was an accident, but still, the irresponsibility of it puts him on edge. If only the attraction between him and Montana, the dog's handler, wasn't so strong.

Simon has been hurt badly in a fire when he was just a child and he still bears the scars that set him apart. His childhood was horrific, and he never knew what love is like. And now, there's Montana tempting him, and making him think that things could be different.

Montana had a happy childhood, surrounded by a loving family. She dreams of love, marriage and children. She knows that Simon is the wrong man for her, but resisting him is nearly impossible.

There were some things I liked in the book: Simon, the dark and tortured hero, the town of Fools Gold, the dogs...

I liked Montana's nephew Reese - he's a great kid, ant pretty mature for his age.

I'm curious about Denise's past and I want to know what is it that happened between her and Max (Montana's boss).

But there were more things that annoyed me.

1.Montana for one - she kept pushing Simon, trying to "fix" him even when he makes it clear that she shouldn't poke. She's too cheerful and good and kind. Some flaw would be nice.

2.I'm sick and tired of the story of how the triplets got their names. It was in couple of the books in the series along with one of the other suggestions - Oceania.

3. A lot emphasis was put on how Montana found her calling and is finally happy with her job - but we were told that (over and over again) and yet when Montana never thinks of that, it's like this job is everything she ever did.

4.Everything in the book is somehow sweet (besides Simon's childhood). Everyone was good and kind, and always willing to help. It simply didn't seem realistic to me. I barely finished the book.

All in all, it's an OK read if you're looking for a romance set in a small town.


2.5 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley*