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Only Mine

Only Mine - Susan Mallery Finn Anderssen came to Fool's Gold to stop his brothers from appearing in a reality show. They are adults, but why would someone leave colledge when they have only one semester left. One of the first people he meets is Dakota Hendrix.

Dakota's current job is keeping an eye on the producers of the said show. The town doesn't really want them to film it, but this way at least they can try to contain any potential damage. She's attracted to handsome Alaskan pilot, and luckliy he will eventually go home, so that makes him a perfect affair material.

Finn had to grow up fast. After his parents died in an accident he was the one to raise his brothers. He didn't have the luxury to do what he wanted, the responsiblity fell on his shoulders. As a result he keeps a thigh leash on Sasha and Stephen, which makes them act out.

Dakota grew up in a happy home with 5 siblings. Even with her father's death her life had been pretty idylic. But nothing is easy now. Because of a medical condition she can't have children, and that fact nearly destroyed her. She's not ready for a serious relationship, but a purely physical one would be great.

Dakota and Finn are good characters, even though Finn had a few moments when he was far from perfect, all in all they were nice, and good for each other.

I like the other two Hendrix triplets Montana and Nevada, as well as their mother and the other people from Fool's Gold.

I liked Stephen and the secondary story about him and Aurelia. Aurelia is a woman ten years older than the twins, but far less experienced. She has big issues with confidence and lacks the guts to stand up to her dictatorial mother. But as her relationship with Stephen develops she blossoms. Stephen is incredibly mature for someone his age, he knows what he wants and during the book, we can see him gathering the courage to go for it.

On the other hand, Sasha, Stephen's twin, wasn't as likable. His story didn't hold my attention, and I frankly don't give a damn what happens to him. It's possible that he wills show up as a hero in a later book. (it already happen to Raol, who we first met in one of the Bakery Sisters books).

There were some thing that bothered me. One concerns Dakota. Since the moment I read about Dakota's fertility problems, I expected the moment when she realizes that she's pregnant. And the other is about Finn I would've liked him to come to realize that he really wants Dakota without the whole almost dying part.

My conclusion is: I liked the book, although I did read better from Susan Mallery.


4 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley*