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Father in Training

Father in Training - Susan Mallery Sandy decided that it was time to change her life - so she moved from LA to a small town she spent her teen years in. She was looking for a change not only for herself but for her children as well. Since her husband died two years ago she was coping, but her children had some problems. So Glenwood it is. But when she got to her house the first person she met was Kyle, her high school boyfriend's little brother. And he's all grown up. If only she had the strength to resist him.

Kyle wasn't looking for relationship, commitment or love. His childhood was far from perfect, his parent's marriage a wreck, and the his mother walked out when he was 15. He was scared to death of loving someone because they leave and he ends up with a broken heart. But he has hard time resisting Sandy and the children - Lindsay, Blake and Nichole. I love how's he so patient and loving with them, he listens to them and actually understands them. He is a great hero and he deserves a much better heroine than Sandy.

Sandy's childhood was bad as well. Her mother was a drunk and she never knew her father. And then she married an immature man, a man who left her to carry all the burdens alone. She has issues with trust. I hated her. She kept hurting Kyle over and over again. She'd overreact and basically accuse Kyle of being selfish, immature, irresponsible... And it's pretty obvious that he's not all that. I have no idea why he put up with it. And kept forgiving her for her outbursts.

Another great thing is Kyle's family, his brothers and their wives.

So to summarize - Kyle and the children were great, and I spent some time wishing she would die a low and a painful death so that Kyle could find someone worthy of him and his love.


2.5 stars