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Baby & the Beast

Baby & the Beast - Laura Wright Bella is in a lot of trouble. Her car just died in the middle of a snow storm and her cell phone is dead. Luckily for her there is a knight in not-so-shiny armor to save her. And it just happens that he's an old crush of hers - Michael Wulf. Michael is just as stunned to see Bella, and there's the fact that she's obviously pregnant. He whisks her away to his castle in the mountain to take care of her until she recovers and the storm passes.

Bella's husband was in the process of divorcing her when he died - what kind of a man leaves his pregnant wife. But strangely, she has no issues with it - in fact the husband is rarely mentioned. I find that a bit hard to believe - after all she drastically changed her life for him, cut all of the ties to her past. Granted she had a few months to settle down, but it struck me as odd that she never talked about him.

Michael's childhood has been bad. After an accident that left him crippled his parents gave him up and sent him to foster care. And even when he found a home with Bella and her father he was still alone, other children avoided and ridiculed him. Every child but Bella, she was his angel. Now Michael is a millionaire whose designs change the world, but he shut himself off from everybody, never lets anyone comes near him. But there's Bella to whom he owns a debt, a debt he intends to pay and then forget about her.

There are some great moments in the book - Bella's labor and Michael help during it, their interactions with little Emily, especially gruff Michael who melts when she's near. And the times they spent alone, when you can just see Michael slowly opening up to the possibility of friendship and love.

I don't have major complaints about the book, but there was just something that was off. In some instances Michael, who lets other people influence him more than he should. Or maybe Bella, or the rather slow pace of the book, I simply can't say.


4 stars