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Daddy by Accident: Maternity Row

Daddy by Accident: Maternity Row - Paula Detmer Riggs Stacy's life changed dramatically since her husband Len was attacked while on the job. He went crazy, burned her house and then while driving recklessly drove his car into a tree and managed to get himself killed. Now Stacy is in a hospital, pregnant & nearly broke. The one stroke of luck was the man that helped her in the accident - Boyd.

Boyd is a recluse. After a tragedy that happened 3 years ago, he quit his job, did his best to avoid people. And then he met Stacy. She woke something in him, he couldn't help but be attracted to her. He did everything he could to help her stand on her feet. And in the meantime he was falling in love with her.

I loved both Stacy and Boyd. Their lives were hard but they managed to survive. Stacy didn't let the past dictate her life, she had her good memories and chose to remember them, not the bad ones. Boyd had a harder time fighting his ghost, mostly because he blamed himself. Both of them are proud, but they didn't let it rule them.

As for the secondary characters, Prudy and Luke are great and I'm looking forward to reading their books.


5 stars.