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Under the Covers

Under the Covers - Roseanne Williams Blair Sansome didn't need this. It's not the job of evaluating the hotel that bothers her, it's the manager Powers Knight. Five years ago she had a one-night stand with him, believing he was her fiancee Jason. That was the best night of her life. The last thing she expected was to see Powers again. If only she avoids him, everything will go okay. So she sets out with a wig, colored contacts and figure obscuring clothes. And then she meets his father in the airplane, and then she gets struck in an elevator with him, and then... You got the point.

Powers is attracted to rather mousy Blair from the start (of course he noticed her sexy legs and lips). She reminds him a bit of Love LaFramboise (Blair's real name, no wonder she had it changed), the woman he can't forget. He is intrigued by her and wants a future with her.

I liked Powers, he was patient, gentle and willing to look underneath Blair's mask to the woman hidden. So unlike a man to pay so little attention to looks. But his name was a negative point. The moment I read it I thought of Austin Powers image, and that is not a good picture to have in your mind.

As for Blair, her reasons for not admitting to Powers that she's Love were a bit murky. I'm not saying she should have said what her job really is, just her identity.

And all those costumes were not to my taste.

On the plus side, Powers' father is great, and Blair's birds sound terrific. For the end:



3.5 stars