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Someone Like Her

Someone Like Her - Janice Kay Johnson Lucy Peterson is a small town restaurant owner yearning for the light of the big city. She want to be a chef in a popular city, not to be forced to make potato soup:


or Clam Chowder almost every day:


But in a way she's satisfied with her life. She has her family and friends, some more conventional than others. For instance there's the hat lady - a woman with a form of schizophrenia who changes her indentity often (although it's always a famous Elizabeth in question)


So, when the hat lady gets hurt she does everything in her power to locate the woman's son. In a mad stroke of luck she does.

Adrian Rutledge is a corporate lawyer, who hasn't seen his mother in more than 20 years.


He's not sure what to do - that prematurely old woman is his mother, but now what? She's in a coma, and unlikely to awaken. So he's stuck in a small town. The worst thing- he's starting to like it and especially Lucy.

I like Lucy, she so generous and friendly (almost a bit too much, but hey). She sees things in Adrian that nobody else did, at least not since his mother left.

Adrian wasn't as likable. He was too stubborn and scared to accept the fact that he actually doesn't like his big city life, that his mother is who she is, that he can't force her to change. And he hurt Lucy and didn't grovel enough, IMO.

I like the town, though. Most of the people are friendly and giving. And I like Lucy's family.


3 stars