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The Taming of Mei Lin

The Taming of Mei Lin - Jeannie Lin Summary:

Faced with a proposal from a man she despises, impetuous Mei Lin makes a daring declaration: she will only marry the man who can defeat her in a sword fight. She has bested everyone who has so far tried to teach her a lesson...until a handsome stranger comes to her village. In captivating swordsman Shen Leung , Mei Lin finally sees a man she wants to marry. A man she's willing to surrender to in every way....

It's usually really hard for me to give short stories high ratings. Most of the time, I find myself wanting more, not really understanding the characters and their motivations. I'm glad to say that this is not the case with this story.

Mei Lin is an awesome heroine - a woman in that time and place willing to fight for her rights - it's unbelievable. Her skill set her apart, but she's met her match in Shen Leung.

He wasn't aware of the "bet" - he just heard that there was a woman who knew how to fight and was curious enough to try to best her. As a matter of fact he didn't actually win - she threw the fight believing he will make a good husband

Shen Leung is a great hero - honorable, strong and enchanted by our heroine. And of course, willing to fight for her. Although she is a woman that can stand up for herself.

I'm really looking forward to Jeannie Lin next release The Dragon and the Pearl - BTW I love that cover.


4.5 stars