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Her Last Night of Innocence

Her Last Night of Innocence - India Grey Kate couldn't believe that happened to her. She was supposed to interview the famous car racer, but they connected. They talked about themselves, something Christiano rarely did, and one thing led to another and they finished in bed. It would've been a happy ending, if Christiano didn't have a car crash on the track next morning that resulted in memory loss. So when Kate couldn't get to him she went home, heartbroken and pregnant.

Kate has had some tragedies in her life. Both her father and her brother died in a car crash. To say that she has a phobia about cars is an understatement. Of course, Christiano races cars for living and it scares her to death. She doesn't deal with her fear the best way, but it's understandable.

Christiano races so that he could prove himself to everyone, his mother, but mostly to himself. That one night that he can't remember haunts him. But when he sees Kate something in him recognizes her. That was a good moment.

A good story, even though I usually hate the secret baby plot. Both Kate & Christiano are real characters with flaws, and I like their relationship with Alexander, their son.

But I had some issues with the ending, it was a big turnaround for Christiano. And yes, what happened to Yuki (Christiano's assistant), she was the reason he didn't know about his son, and she was never mentioned after the reunion? Some closure would've been nice.


4 stars.