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Never Again

Never Again - Michele Bardsley I read this author's Broken Heart Town series and I was expecting a funny & breezy read. I was pleasantly surprised when this book turned out to be more serious.

Our hero, Gray has been betrayed by his wife Kerren (not only did she cheat on him, but was willing to sacrifice him to satisfy her lover, the demon), and has spent the last ten years as a hermit, not doing his duty as a Guardian. He should be taking care of the town Nevermore, but things got pretty bad, before he rejoined the living. When Kerren's sister Lucy shows up at his door asking for his help, he initially refuses to help, but, since he's a good guy, goes after her, and when it becomes necessary, marries her.

Lucy was a spoiled girl, who ha a nasty wake up call, when her entire family lost its standing in the society, and all of their money. Not only that but she was in an abusive relationship with a man, who later put a curse on her. She led quite a charming life, didn't she? She deserves her HEA with Grey.

I like Nevermore, and the supporting character's in the book. From Happy & Ant, Trent to Ember. And of course Taylor.

I will definitely be reading Now or Never, the next book in the series. Judging from the excerpt from the end of the book, it's going to be Taylor's story.


4.5 stars