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The Secret Mistress

The Secret Mistress - Mary Balogh When I first read that Mary Balogh will write the book with Angeline and Heyward as the main couple, I was skeptical. They seem as such an unlikely pair - the chatty, sometimes frivolous Angeline and uptight Heyward. But Balogh managed to do it brilliantly.

Lady Angeline Dudley has waited for quite some time for this moment - finally she will be presented to society, go to balls, and with some luck find a perfect husband. While on route to London she meets the perfect man for her - Heyward. To anyone else he might appear a dry stick, but to her he is everything good - a true gentleman who respects ladies and all those little rules. Of course getting him may not be that easy, after all he didn't introduce himself. But fate is on her side - her fist dance in society was with him.

Heyward is appalled by Angeline's behavior. She doesn't act like a lady, and her taste in hats is truly atrocious. She is nothing like the wife he imagined for himself. But fate has a way of forcing our hands. Well fate and some well meaning friends.

Both Angeline and Heyward don't exactly fit the picture of a perfect heroine/hero, but they are perfect for each other. Angeline is so full of joy, while Heyward brings some stability and common sense into the relationship. That doesn't mean that Angeline is incapable of being serious, she understands a lot of the world, she just doesn't let the bad things dim her light.

There were some moments in the book when there was a bit too much drama coming from Angeline especially the part when she was willing to sacrifice her happiness so that Heyward could get the woman he wants, but it fit the story.

I truly enjoyed reading the book. :-)


4.5 stars