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Paroled! - Paula Detmer Riggs Loved the book!

The premise is highly unusual, and definitely controversial.

Tyler and Cait were really good friends, slowly inching toward something deeper, when Tyler made a mistake and slept with Cait’s sister Crystal. Maybe it would’ve ended that way if Crystal didn’t get pregnant. He did the right thing and married her. But when they were divorcing, Crystal (a first class bitch) convinced their daughter, Kelsey, to lie to the court and say that her father abused her. Tyler is convicted.

2 years later, Crystal is dead, and Cait is Kelsey’s mother in every way. And then Kelsey admits that she lied. That’s where the book starts.

Cait is eaten by guilt for not noticing that Kelsey lied. After all, she is a psychologist. Even worse is the fact that she had always loved Tyler, and couldn't stop thinking about him. She taught herself to hate him, convinced that he’s a pedophile. But now, when she know that he’s innocent, all those feelings come rushing back.

Tyler is a bitter man. He was betrayed by his wife, but the worst thing is that Cait actually believed him capable of something so evil. He hardened after 2 years of prison. He lost everything that mattered to him. His daughter, his practice (he was a pediatrician) and Cait, the only woman he ever loved.

It was heartbreaking, reading this book. Tyler’s struggle to stay away from the people he loves, his desire to prove that he’s innocent, to protect Cait and Kelsey.


5 stars.