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Daddy By Choice (Maternity Row)

Daddy By Choice (Maternity Row) - Paula Detmer Riggs Luke and Maddy have a history. 22 years ago they were teenagers in love, and Maddy ended pregnant. Unfortunately, Luke didn't made it back in time, and Maddy gave their daughter to adoptions.

Fast-forward to present. Maddy's pregnant and it's a high-risk pregnancy in which Luke specializes. They have to come to term with the past as well fight the attraction, so that Luke can do his best to save Maddy's baby.

Both Luke and Maddy were changed by the past. It made Luke ambitious, he finished high school, went to Stanford to study medicine. But Maddy married a man she didn't love, a man that did his best to stifle her.

I love Luke's patience in wooing Maddy, he's a great guy, if stubborn.

We also get to see more from the Maternity Row gang.

I love this book. It's an emotional read, it actually made me cry (that doesn't happen often). Highly recommended.


5 stars.