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The Soldier's Untamed Heart

The Soldier's Untamed Heart - Nikki Logan Romy has had it with military men. She grew up with one -her father, a colonel, was rigid & autocratic. She has some deep emotional scars. Her one rebellion ended up with her pregnant. But she did manage to run away. The job sounds perfect, and it is, but the incredibly attractive boss is a distraction.

Clint is a Special Forces soldier, and carries the scars from his career. Family means everything to him. He can't resist Romy, and definitely can't resist Leighton.

I had some problems with both Romy and Clint. She with her prejudice against military men, and he with his blindness about his brother. Their entire relationship was a bit hard to follow, both of them going from hot to cold all the time. I don't know who was worse.

The one constant thing is their relationship with Leighton. I loved him. He is the real one in the book.

And the kangaroo scene is great (if heart breaking). :-)


3 stars