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Lothaire - Kresley Cole Wow! I loved the book!

I loved both Lothaire, the Enemy of Old (AKA Leo) and Ellie. She is a fitting bride for Lothaire, of course it took a while for him to get it, but in the end he realized that she is better than the goddess, and that her love is all he needs, his famous ENDGAME.

I couldn't put the book down, I stayed awake until 3 AM to finish it even though I had classes this morning (getting up was really hard ;-) ).

I'm even more curious as to what happens with Nix, as well as Kristof and Furie. Can't wait for the next book. We don't even know who it will be. But we do know that the Dacians will get theirs. The first one is Shadow's Claim and the hero is Trehan. Yay, we get more Lothaire as the king of Dacians :-)

The only bad thing - Lothaire is a bit of a moron throughout the book, and hurts Ellie. But I do admit that after millennia of thinking only of himself (his revenge, the Endgame (and he was betrayed a couple of times and the consequences were horrible, so he has issues with trust)), it might be difficult to adjust to letting somebody in.


5 stars