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Heartbreaker - Julie Garwood I liked Julie Garwood's historicals a lot, and when I saw she wrote suspense as well, I decided to try it out. I liked the plot but I had a lot of problems.

Nick is an FBI agent who has decided (rather forced) to take a vacation. Thinking of spending the entire time fishing with a good friend of his father Tom, or Tommy. But nothing is as easy as that. Tommy is nearly hysterical - a lunatic came to confession and confessed a murder and then said that Laurant, Tommy's sister is next. Nick is roped in as a bodyguard. If only he could stay professional and not fall for Laurant.

Laurant was raised in a boarding school by nuns. She led a mostly sheltered life, settled down in a small, quiet town. And she somehow managed to attract attention from a psychopath. From the beginning she was unsure about her role as a bait, but she was determined to catch the murderer. After all she had Nick to protect her.

I had huge issues with Laurant - she managed to incredibly annoy me. She is uncertain of everything, and clings to her beliefs even when it's rather obvious she's wrong. Nick deserved a much better heroine.

The other bad thing is the suspense part. I couldn't believe when Nick figured out who's the killer. It just doesn't fit with everything we learned about him (there were some POVs in which we can get some insight), and honestly I bugged me a lot. I like to have everything explained, that there is a reason for everything or at least that I can understand what drove the killer. All of that was missing from this book.


2 stars