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Fangs for the Memories

Fangs for the Memories - Kathy Love Rhys is one really unhappy vampire. His sister is dead, his brother is out to kill him, and he hasn't felt good for so long. Then on a Christmas evening he meets Jane and saves her. Unfortunately, he is also attacked later in the night. As a result he has amnesia, a far reaching one. He thinks it's the beginning of the 19th century and that he's a viscount.

Jane life isn't going the way she planned. She moved to New York because she had a job guaranteed. Now the job is gone, so is her apartment, she is low on cash, and some creep assaulted her. She is grateful to Rhys for saving her. Grateful enough to accept the offer to be his nurse until he regains his memory.

There is nothing really wrong with the book, but I just wasn't impressed. Maybe because I have problems with the plot - a vampire with amnesia - it sounds so silly. Don't take me wrong, the book isn't all like that, but I still had problems.

And one other thing that annoyed me is Rhys's reaction when he regains memory. What's the point of breaking up with her to protect her if Christian almost certainly knows you're attached to her?


3 stars.