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Lord of the Abyss

Lord of the Abyss - Nalini Singh I have no idea why I waited so long to read this book. After all, I love Ms. Singh, she's my favorite author and I have a surprisingly large number of her books on my favorites shelf. True, I didn't like the first 2 books in the series much, but still. Ms. Singh, I'm terribly sorry for doubting you, I promise it won't happen again. :-)

Anyway, back to the book. I really, really love it.

Micah is a great hero, all grumpy and arrogant,powerful as hell, but he's just a marshmallow inside.


For all him being the Lord of the Black Castle AKA The Boogeyman of all magical creatures, he's not evil. In fact, he's the polar opposite of evil. He can't even understand it completely. True, he has his rages, but even then, he behaves more like an animal, no true menace in his actions.

His life changes dramatically when Liliana appears.She makes him remember things better left forgotten. But, at the same time, she brings joy to him.

Liliana has an important mission to carry out: make sure that Micah remembers his past, so that he could save Elden from a dreadful fate (her father). So she comes to Black Castle hoping to save the world:


Her childhood was a nightmare, she was tortured repeatedly by her father, simply for being of his blood. As a result she's willing to do whatever it takes to stop him. And then she meets Micah.

He's not what she expected, not at all. He sees beneath the surface (of an ugly woman) to her heart - he sees a beautiful woman.

I love how they are together - the teasing, the conversations, no hiding behind walls, or from their feelings. They see each other with no rose tinted glasses.

Castle of Elden:


The only tiny thing that might have bothered me if everything else wasn't so perfect, is the ending. The whole big battle thing was a bit anticlimactic for me. But since I never really cared about the other royals, the prophecy and all that stuff, it was truly minor. And why did she have to become pretty in the end, it wasn't necessary. But Micah reaction is perfect:

Arms wrapped around him, she kissed him, halting the flow of his words. He decided he would allow the kiss, but since he couldn’t make her naked here, he had to stop it. “Why did you change your face, Lily?”

Liliana lifted her hands to her face at that quizzical question, terrified her father had cast a final vengeful spell. “Is it very bad?” she whispered to the man who held her in arms of steel.

“I suppose I’ll get used to it,” he muttered, then kissed her again using his tongue and squeezing her bottom—as if his brothers and sister, and other people, weren’t standing right there.

An instant later, she decided she didn’t care.

Some of the quotes I liked are included below.

All in all, an amazing book.


5 stars