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The Doctor's Deadly Affair

The Doctor's Deadly Affair - Stephanie Doyle Dr. Camille Lawson is a talented surgeon. So when two of her patients die post op she needs to find a reason, she's sure she didn't make a mistake. The guy she chose to help her is Dr. Wyatt Holladay. Now Wyatt agrees to help her on one condition that she goes on a date with him. By that point she's willing to do whatever it takes even if it means another disastrous date. I love this quote:

“Come on, give. I know Wyatt and he didn’t agree to do a favor for you without asking for something in exchange. Is his ratty old Jeep going to be taking up space in the parking lot next to my Beemer?”

“Give up my parking space? Never.”

With that Camille left quickly, shutting the door behind her before Delia could ask a follow-up question.

No, Camille wasn’t going to have to give up her parking space. What Wyatt was asking for was much, much worse.

Wyatt never really wanted to be a surgeon, and that unwanted responsibility made him turn into an alcoholic. He's much happier now, working in the free clinic, than he ever was as a pretty good surgeon. He spent years working with Camille, but it wasn't until a year ago when he started noticing her as a woman, a desirable woman.

Camille is a germaphobe, bad in social circumstances and unwilling to really care for a man. She just knows that she and Wyatt won't get along and she has the proof - after all their first date ended up with insults and with her throwing a glass of water in his face. :-)

But Wyatt doesn't seem to mind her quirks, and he's far more tempting than she expected. It's getting hard to resist them. And then there's the killer after her.

I liked the story and the fact that the hero for a change has absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement or the military. He's just a man trying to protect the woman he's falling for. I love his patience and gentleness with Camille. He never made her feel less because of her fears, he just made sure she was OK like after the garbage can incident.


4.5 stars