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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son - Karina Bliss Pip had her entire life planned out. She'll spent 18 months in the States, and then back to New Zealand. And then came Joe. First she falls in love with him, and then she becomes pregnant. She is torn appart, on one hand there is Joe, whom she loves, but he doesn't seem to love her back, and on the other hand, her family back in NZ, that represents security.

Pip had a happy childhood. Joe on the other hand did not. After his mother died when he was 4, his father left him with Joe's grandmother Jo, and pretty much ignored him from then on. That and his (fortunately) bad romance with Sue in high school, made it easy for him to shut everybody out. He likes Pip, but he when he becomes to attached tries to break-up with her, if only she wasn't pregnant. I love Joe. BTW, he married his first wife because she was with child, as well, I mean what are the odds?

I like Joe's daughter Kaitlin, and the entire camp experience was fun, and my favourite part of the book. Oh yeah, and the Thanksgiving dinner - the word I'm looking for is embarrassing like hell for Pip.

Joe and his father, Adam, finally come to terms, and I was happy to see that. Of course the only one that had troubles was Joe, and Pip & Kaitlin made sure he realized it. :)

A good book, but not as good as some other books by Karina Bliss, and that is one of the main reasons why this book didn't get a higher grade, that and Joe's behaviour in the last part of the book, Pip at least has a reason for her actions (those hormones). But Joe mostly managed to make-up for everything with his proposal. :D


3.5 stars