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Texas Baby

Texas Baby - Kathleen O'Brien Josie and Chase are likeable enough, but I had hard time connecting to them.

Josie is in a bad place. She's jobless, pregnant, and has just found out that the father of her baby lied to her during the entire time they'd spent together. If I understood correctly she has issues with her stepfather and that's the reason she's trying to be so independent.

Chase is an honourable man, willing to marry his friend, so that she could keep her ranch. Everything was OK, until Josie showed up and he started to fall in love with her. Now, I'm aware that Chase&Susannah have an agreement, that the engagement isn't real, but I still felt that he is cheating on Susannah. That bugged me a lot.

For the secondary characters we have Susannah & Trent. I really don't like her, I don't know why, but something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because of all the drama between her & Trent, the way she mishandles her relationship with her sister Nikki. The next book in the series is Texas Wedding is Susannah&Trent's story and I won't be reading it, at least not know.


2 stars