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Heartache Falls

Heartache Falls - Emily March Ali and Mac Timberlake have been married for over twenty years. Mac spent them working to get his dream - being a federal judge, while Ali was a stay-at-home mother who raised their 3 children. But now the kids are grown up and the youngest went to college. And their life seems so empty now, they have a lot of problems and serious communications issues.

Ali gave up on her dream of going to culinary school in Europe, of opening her own restaurant. Somehow it didn't seem as such a sacrifice, but now when her nest is empty everything seems to be crashing down. She decides that she and Mac need some cooling off period and she moves to Eternity Springs.

Mac worked hard to get where he is now. Becoming a judge has been his dream ever since he was a kid in an unstable family. But lately his job isn't as fulfilling and his marriage is falling apart. Something just has to give.

I like the idea of the book - the reality of HEA and the way that marriage is after 20 years. Sometimes love itself isn't enough, some sacrifices are required. But the book didn't deliver. I had the desire to yell at them to just TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!!!! They spend a lot of time apart and even though they're not happy, neither of them is willing to take the plunge and clear the air. They just kept things bottled.

And even when they "reconciled" they still weren't honest.

Other than that the book is OK, I like their children, the people from Eternity Springs...


3.5 stars